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oodles and pinches is a Zero Waste Lifestyle shop with bulk food, plastic-free, and natural cosmetic articles, reusable tools, as well as storage containers. Everything for a more sustainable life with less plastic and less waste at home.

Find the shop at Generaal Cronjéstraat 96 in Haarlem. Bring your food containers like glass jars, cotton bags, and muesli boxes, to refill them from the bulk food station. Get your dishwashing liquid bottle refilled, your hand soap pump, and laundry detergent bottle.

In the cosmetic section, we have shampoo bars, conditioner bars, soap bars, body lotion refill, hand cream, deodorant, plastic-free toothpaste, and many more.

Op welke manier maak je impact?

oodles and pinches helps reducing waste, packaging waste, food waste.


Bulk food like pasta, muesli, oat flakes, nuts, beans, lentils, and more. Plastic-free and natural cosmetic articles, reusable tools, and storage containers.


Praktische informatie

Telefoon: 0655616636
Adres: Generaal Cronjéstraat 96, 2021 JL, Haarlem
Aantal FTE’s: 1
Opgericht in: 2018
Impact categorie: Circulair & duurzaam, SROI
Diensten en producten: Geschenken, Horeca en voeding
Waar opereer je?: Landelijk
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