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Biophilic Circular Design Studio:
Bio (nature) Philia (love) = Love for Nature, is a concept that reveals that humans are instinctively connected to nature.
We create “Biophilic Spaces” reintroducing nature and health in our lives. As it is based on the principles of Biophilic Design, harnesses the health benefits of the biological bond between man and nature.

About health:
By using biophilic design whit our products we can improve your health, reduce stress, enhance creativity, we can generate tangible benefits for our living and working environment, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, accelerate healing, and improve air quality and happiness.
It reduces toxic elements from your environment, such as carcinogenic compounds and fine dust, organic chemicals, including benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, from the indoor air.

Our circular products:
The high-quality sound-absorbing green walls, the “hanging gardens”, vertical gardens and the green walls and ecosystems are made completely circular, with natural, biobased, recycled, and healthy materials without formaldehyde, so they are completely recyclable and aesthetically unique.

The”suspended gardens” and vertical gardens are easy maintenance and can be reused all-over as there is no pottery to be substituted, the moss green walls do not need any maintenance.

This circular “suspended gardens” plants are inspired by the Japanese art Kokedama.
They encapsulate the aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, which is the appreciation of the imperfections of nature and the transience of natural beauty, include simplicity, asymmetry, roughness, warmth, economy, austerity, intimacy, appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes; the natural acceptance and observation. Our green walls are replicating our trees using one of the 14 patterns from Biophilic Design natural analogs and the essence of space.

Op welke manier maak je impact?

The impact of our Biophilic Circular Design Studio, bring different properties of the natural world back into our daily life, which has various benefits for our well-being and daily performance. Noticeable results can be achieved with simple interventions. So there is a solution for every budget.

A small intervention such as the use of plants in a room has a positive influence on the air quality, the acoustics but also the perception of the room. In the 1980s, NASA began to study the effects of houseplants on indoor air quality. Researchers were looking for ways to improve the air in the closed environment of a space station. Results, published in 1989, said that “plants can play an important role in the removal of organic chemicals,” including benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, from the indoor air.

Our contribution:
€1,- of each plant is donated to the Initiatief Groot Groen of Haarlem Oost to conserve our biodiversity.


– High-performance sound-absorbing green wall: Made with a maintenance-free moss, on 40mm cotton insulation RMA acoustic material, made from recycled textile fibers from old jeans on a Medite Zero Formaldehyde MDF Ecologique FSC Mix 70 % panel of 9mm. and formaldehyde-free.
– Vertical gardens: Made with live plants mounted vertically with moss.
– Green walls: Made with live plants on a felt material special flexible bags.
– Green logos: Made with a maintenance-free moss on a Medite Zero Formaldehyde MDF Ecologique FSC Mix 70 % panel of 9mm. and formaldehyde-free.
-The”suspended gardens”: Made of a mixture of peat and substratum for bonsai, embedded in moss and surrounded by organic or plastic ropes. These plants live for years, and never have to be repotted and if they need to, we offer the restitution service to reuse the moss ball for a new plant or they can return to nature, which makes our plants completely circular.
– The Ecosystems: This ecosystem is hermetically closed creating a self-sufficient ecosystem in which plants will live on photosynthesis to acquire their nutrients and produce oxygen during the day and CO2 at night, in the same way in which our planet works.
-Maintenance system personified.

Muur mos
Muur mos
Muur mos
Muur mos
Muur mos
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Praktische informatie

Telefoon: 0612921871
Adres: Kleverlaan 9, 2023 JC, Haarlem
Aantal FTE’s: 3
Opgericht in: 1916
Impact categorie: Milieu, SROI
Diensten en producten: Bouw, Interieur mode & kunst, Overig
Waar opereer je?: Landelijk
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